Tuesday, June 2, 2009

The Volvo Car

They primarily built for the American market, and the ever popular 2.4 D5 diesel with 185 bhp, which is available in all Volvo on sale in the UK today. In this application, the performance of the motor is gruff, and only just enough to pull the weight of the rather heavy. Styling wise the volvo comes across as graceful, without some of the overdone aggression built in to many 4x4's, suggesting rightly, along with the 7 seats that this is to be a family car, with a high proportion of female drivers. The cabin is built solidly and to a high quality, if maybe lacking a little of the style of some of its German rivals.

These seats can fold flat into the floor to turn the otherwise limited boot into a cavernous one. Even the middle row of seats can fold flat if required. It's spacious, with plenty of head and legroom in the first two rows of seats, however the back two seats are best left for kids, with limited legroom. The ride is on the soft side, perfect for getting car photos with the steering a little numb, but this isn't a sports car and the XC90 doesn't take the corners quite as well as the Nissan rouge but settles in to an easy cruise on the motorways.

Safety wise the audi comes in as you would expect from a Volvo with a full 5 star NCAP rating, with airbags everywhere and a whole host of electronic driver aids and passenger protection systems. The whole car is set up for the family from the styling to ease of use along with the 7 seats, and Volvo's reputation for safety and practicality make it a winner.

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