Friday, June 19, 2009

Good Morning!

Hey hey hey hey! It's Friday again, happy TGIF to you all my friends. Thank you for visiting my page I really appreciate it. Hoping you will have a great day ahead, I just got up and having a cup of joe. Would you like some?! My plan for today is sending the box to my family in Pinas, but the plan was change we will just do it tomorrow. My honey is at the studio for a meeting, sooo then... I'll just stay home. Maybe I'll do some cleaning and blogging, so have a great TGIF! We will not go out tonight, we already have our outside dinner lastnight in downtown Denver. We had a great time then the sky starts to pour some rain. But we enjoyed it!

pinay meh

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my katiebug said...

tgif! have a wonderful weekend! :)