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Marketed as a weight loss supplement that is clinically proven to reduce body fat, this product is a perfect example of how truth can be easily manipulated in order to fool the public. The active ingredient in Lipozene is glucomannan which is nothing more than a form of soluble fiber that comes from the plant. While any form of soluble fiber will help to reduce cholesterol, regulate blood sugar, and reduce weight, glucomannan is special due to the fact that it has an extraordinarily high viscosity as compared to other forms of soluble fiber. A high viscosity confers the ability to easily form gels when mixed with fluids in the intestine. As a result, this latest incarnation of glucomannan supplement from the Institute is marketed as clinically proven. While that may sound quite authoritative, simply stating that something is clinically proven to work does not give any additional information as to what dosage and frequency is appropriate. Lipozene is just an over priced fiber pill. And it's only going to work if you work along with it. As it's fiber, the fiber swells, and makes you feel fuller so you supposedly don't eat as much.

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Lipozene said...

I have used the lipozene and got the positive results.
I really am amazed to see complaints about this product. Lipozene has been around for many years and have sold over 9 million bottles. That means it has to work, otherwise they wouldn't be in business anymore. If it doesn't
work, you can send the empty bottles back to the company within 30 days and receive a refund. Not too many other companies offer this kind of risk-free

Lipozene is a 100% natural fiber that expands in the stomach, providing a sense of fullness to help with appetite suppression. Lipozene is a proprietary blend of two unique Glucomannans, providing superior viscosity score. Lipozene's fiber cannot be compared with inexpensive fiber pills at retail.

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