Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Compare your credit card

In an effort to speed up table turnover at peak hours and eliminate waitress credit card skimming waitresses who take your credit cards as payment and make a copy of the information for themselves or to sell, many US restaurants are installing swipe machines at each table at sit-down restaurants. This do it yourself low interest credit card processing is common at gas pumps and many retail shopping establishments in the US, but has barely even started in sit-down restaurants. Mostly due to restaurant owners not wanting to pay to get the equipment.

Low interest credit cards are cards that provide consumers with a low percent interest rate when they maintain a balance in their compare credit cards. Most of the time, cards like these also offer a zero percent interest introductory rate for their customers in order to engage them into signing up with them. Customers take these details lightly, but in reality, this is very beneficial for those customers who like to maintain a certain balance in their account.

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