Monday, April 9, 2012

Deals to be Had

This guest post from Werner Rogers

About six months ago, in the dead of winter, we received some really great news from my parents. They had finally sold their home and were aggressively shopping real estate market near us. During the shopping process, I tagged along for the fun of it and I was really surprised the deals to be had in their price range. They were under contract in no time and mom asked for my advice on utilities for the region. It had been many years since they had set up utilities for a home, so I was happy to help and I began researching click here. All the set up went smoothly and they had the big stuff taken care of for her within two days. After all the business was out of the way, I threw them a huge house warming party. We just could not contain our excitement of having them only twenty minutes away. The look on their faces was priceless and I think we all made them feel very welcome in their new home and their new town!

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Thursday, April 5, 2012

Light of the World Church

It's my first time of hearing mass at this church. It's a Roman Catholic church which is less than 10 minutes from home. As soon as I entered in the chapel, I was so amazed and feel in love with the place. Their adoration chapel looks really cozy, the altar looks so good.

I heard the Last Supper mass tonight, as I obeserved my the sorroundings... There are a lot of older couple in any way I looked. Before the mass started the officiating Priest had a very nice introduction about his parent's 60th wedding anniversary.. WOW!!!!! I salute them for keeping their vows and raising great children. The son which is the Priest called up his parents and his brothers and sister in the altar to have a blessing. A picture of Pope Benedict XVI and signed with greetings of a Happy Anniversary. I remembered my grandparents on my Mama's side, when they celebrated their 50th wedding anniversay, our Uncle, Fr. Raul B. Dael brough a lot of Rosary beads tha's been blessed by Pope John Paul II.

I fell in love with The Light of The World Church.. Surely I will hear mass at this church so often. It's Maundy Thursday.... And tomorrow will be the Celebration of Passion.

Just sharing before going to dreamland. Hope you all have a great night!

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Thursday, March 8, 2012

My neighbor was right

Thanks for the post from Al Mills

I just had to get Chicago direct tv after my neighbor just ranted and raved to me about how great it is. He told me about some deal he got that he thought might only be available in the Illinois area. I checked it out after he told me about it for the fifth or sixth time. It turned out he was right to be so excited for it. There were some pretty good packages that included most of the channels I like to watch so much. Believe it or not, I am a Starz type of guy. I love those channels. They just constantly stream movies. I have spent a few nights over at friends’ houses and just gotten lost in some movie on those channels. The thing I always thought was nice about them is that they would play both old and newer movies. They definitely seem to change it up a good bit, which would be a pretty cool thing to have access to all the time. I guess my neighbor was right about this one thing at least, but I do not know if I can admit it to him.

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It's nice to be back!

I have been out in my blog account for long, I have been busy at work and in life. Trying to have a beautiful and enjoyable life for this year.

Life sometimes is full of surprises, we just have to go with the flow. It is sometimes confusing but we just have to focus of what we want or what will be the best thing to do.

I am happy with what I have now, though it still incomplete... I have my baby girl ( pomeranian) that makes me smile everyday.

We'll talk later...

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