Monday, June 29, 2009

Bed Bugs Guide

The day of lashing mattresses to posts is gone and so we thought were the bed bugs. But the pesky devils are making a comeback and people are becoming more and more interested in bed bug eradication, bed bug sprays, and other bed bug information is becoming popular again. What’s interesting from the home business angle is that if you are steam cleaning homes for a living or run a cleaning business dealing as a specialist in “Bed Bug” infestation can get you “in the door” for dealing with this special problem and then repeat business just because you’re a professional. As you’re learn here at the mattress cover bed bugs there are things you can do to create a portfolio of services surrounding Bed Bugs like steam cleaning, putting on (and selling) the plastic mattress covers, etc. to help you package a group of business services to address a problem. Advertise on and you may get more business than you can handle. Some interesting material here if you want to try this.

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