Monday, March 30, 2009

First day of the week!

Days are so fast! In a couple of days, it's gonna be April. Wow! Can you imagine that? We should take advantage of these days cause time flies. Tell your hubby, friends, family and love ones how much you care for them. We don't know, what's gonna happen next right? It's better to do "something" than just letting the day goes by. Let's make our everyday life as meaningful as we can. Give thanks to GOD for all the blessings and problems HE showered.... have a blessful Monday!

pinay meh

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Beautiful Sunday!

Have you been outside? Ohhhh if not yet, you better go and check it out! The weather is so GREAT! We already did our Sunday walking with our yellow lab and we're loving it! We had our lunch at our back patio. Awesome Colorado! Last two days we had snow storm, and now.... girl! It's all dripping like crazy. We go walking to the post office and mail our bill payments, then we go to a dollar store to grab some glue for our vacuum, I kind a broke it! We then headed to 7'eleven for our Sunday newspaper for the coupons, you can really save a lot at the grocery store with manufacturer discount, we grab some scratch lottery ticket too! Who knows.. we can be one of the millionaire! hahahahha there's nothing wrong for dreaming... hummmmmm! let's see... we didn't sratch anything yet. So... enjoy the weather girlfriends! And have a GREAT sunday!

pinay meh

Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a fun weekend!

Since mister sunny is showing up, it melted all the snow! We didn't make it to our sledding... bummer! I got up early this morning and had some hazel nut flavored coffee with cream and a slice of my home made banana cake. We were watching the planet green channel, my honey's fave. It's awesome to know that you can re-build your house as a green house.. which means nature friendly. There's a show called "living with ed" that give us a lot of idea on how to recycle/re-use those things that we don't want to. Lots of lessons to learn! Wel... back to our fun weekend, we just go back home and stayed at our backyard and build a snowman woooooo! It turns out good... My hubby lovey will make us "goulash" for dinner... yummy yummy! What will you have for dinner? Hope it's gonna be good too!

pinay meh

Friday, March 27, 2009

Sun keep on shining....

The weather today is great, the sun come up and shine! Melted the snow from yesterday, that's cool! It's been snowing all day yesterday and we shovelled a lot at the studio and home. We are so lucky that sunny guy showed up and help us clean up the snow. Tomorrow, we plan to go sledding again at recreational center, its gonna be fun... but brRRrrrrr for sure! What will be your plan for the weekend? Hope you'll have an awesome one! Have a nighty night....

pinay meh

my new lay out!

Something new for this page with the help Prettymomdesigns... Thanks a lot girl for giving your vacant time for making my lay-out awesome! Well, blogging really makes me busy now a days. If I'm done with my household chores blogging occupy my boring times. And I learn lots and lots of things. So again thanks prettymom... a LOT!

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Wednesday, March 25, 2009

new hair cut!

That's what my honey told me the time he noticed that my hair is kind a short right now lol. I was laughing hard 'cause I'm guilty of not asking him if it's ok to cut my hair. Well, we've been talking about it months ago though. Bunny my preggy friend, is good for cutting hair but straight cut only. So we asked her to cut 3 inches or mine and cindy's. My hubby's teasing me of saying, "honey.. you're supposed to call me if its ok" hahahahaha in a funny way.. and I was so giggling... Finally, I have a new hair cut... it's not too short... but it feels good for a change!

pinay meh

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Have a nighty night.....

Just wishing a very nice snooze soon.... Our monday here end up great! Some great clients been in the studio today, still rocking for biz! Tomorrow I'll hang out in my friends house, we will cook some Pinoy food. Too bad our other girlfriends can't make it.... Have a very goodnight sleep to all...

pinay meh

Monday, March 23, 2009

pizza for dinner

We had pizza and salad for dinner, the salad is great which is made by my honey. What did you have there? Hope is yummmmmy too! We did some errands today, groceries and costco stuff for the studio. Now, my tummy is really full! It's kinda gloomy and chilly outside for the rest of the day. Hope it'll turn nice tomorrow, I'll be working at the studio tho... so I might update my page a little bit later. So... see yah tomorrow!

pinay meh

Sunday, March 22, 2009

slowly waking up

We got up 9:30am today, we will go hear mass at 11 at Holy Trinity Church which is just 3 blocks aways from home. We go grab some oatmel and orange juice for breakfast, and take shower. Hope you will have a great Sunday! We will go for a walk later if the weather will starts to cool off..... nice out, 70's today... gotta go now... talk to you soon!

pinay meh

Saturday, March 21, 2009

have a good weekend!

It is so perfect today, the weather is so awesome! So me and my hubby take advantage on it, we cleaned our late dad's truck today. Shampooed and cleaned it all up, now it smells so good and clean. We had junk food for lunch, that's actually sometimes our weekend routine. We didn't go for a walk today 'cause we are so tired from cleaning up and running some errands. Tomorrow, our plan will hear mass at eleven in the morning and will go to Stanley Lake late afternoon. I hope your weekend is great! Have a nighty night....

pinay meh

Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring!

Yehey! finally.. today is the first day of Spring, too bad its snowing in New York. I hope it'll snow here in Denver too, the lake is too low right now.. so sad! And me and my hubby have plans if the snow will come, we will go sledding at Westminster's Recreational Center wohohohoho! We actually made a bet, I told him I think it will not snow again. So what we did is made a bet, if it'll snow.. I'll be pooper spooker, rain or snow! But, if not?! He will be the one who'll fix the bed for a week hahahahahha! finger crossed...... I cleaned up the house today, vacuumed, cleaned up the wood floor. Now, I am baking banana bread.... hope it'll turn out really good!

pinay meh

Thursday, March 19, 2009

cardboard sledding

I didn't go to my jazzercise today, instead of going for a walk with my honey and our dog. We did three times around the soccer/football field. We planned to go for a cardboard sledding lOl, its really fun.. holly molly! Me and my honey really enjoyed it. We then head to Rhumbi Island Grill resto and have our dinner.... Its so yummy! We love it.... we both have hawaiian teriyaki chicken, I have the spicy and honey got the regular. He had the rhumbi rice and I had white rice, we both get the large bowl and now we still have left over for tomorrow... How did your day by? Hope its great! See yah tomorrow!

pinay meh

Sunday, March 15, 2009

you rock.....

I just want to share how I enjoyed my life by joining pageants. The first time I joined was "miss teen jasaan" way back year 1996. One of the famous gay in town invited me as a representative of our barangay "nahalinan". I was thinking that time not to.... because I am kinda shy type person. My mentor named armamae always visit me at the house and encourage me to join, so as my friends, families and relatives. That pageant was for Immaculate Conception Feast Day which is every 8th of December. I made it into top six, but didn't make it through as the finalist. Years goes by, my mentor asked me if I wanna joined bikini open contest in the city. I said yes! But didn't inform my parents about it, I just told them I'm gonna join modelling instead of bikini open lol. The first bikini open I joined was in Cagayan de Oro City, the girls are from the city and different town of Misamis Oriental, Cebu and Davao. I didn't used my real name everytime I joined this kind of contest instead of using my screen name "sharry ward". It's not that I'm not proud of my name, I just want to keep my life private. My friends or those who know me never recognize that, thats me on stage because of the make up and hair do...... I won as the 1st runner up and got some give aways and a month work out for free. One thing I love joining pageants is to gain more confidence to myself, exposure, sponsors give aways, friends and will be "known". I really love walking/ramping on stage that's why I love to join. ABS-CBN radio station had this block and white bikini open contest... aired in radio and tv station. Of course I was there as one of the candidates and won.... Way back January of 2006, a Sinulog celebration at Tablon Cagayan de Oro City. I was candidate #11, if I remembered, we are all 23 candidates that time. I won as the best in two peice bikini and crowned as the 1st runner up. One of the pageants that I've been proud of is when I stayed in Baguio for 3 months modelling training. While I was listening to some radio station, I heard they will have "national bikini open contest". I told the gay who's training me if we can get in... and boommmm!! I am in... lots of tagalog pinay was in the said contest. I give my best shot, post, and my "walking" on stage. I am so proud that a girl from Mindanao Island, beat up the girls from Visayas and Luzon. I was crowned as the the winner of national bikini open..... I am so happy and texted my mentor, armamae that I made it! And he is so proud of me. Some pageants I won was best in shorts attire, best in lingerie, best in swimsuit and best in bikini. I am so thankful to all my gayfriends who trained me and give all their efforts. Curling up my hair, prepared all the things that I'm gonna used, enocourage me that I'm gonna make it. To my gayfriends in Jasaan Misamis Oriental, saludo ko ninyo bayooottt!.... This time, I'm not gonna be one of bikini open contest anymore.... I consider myself as one of the bikini "close". har har har har! That's me, when I'm still single. Love to walk on stage, love to wear two peice bikini, and love to be known....

pinay meh

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

tummy's happy

I just got home from hanging out with Avet and Caetlin at their house. I got some left over humba and pork soup made by Avet.... I had a great time chit chatting with them, we go to tj maxx to find some presents for the b-day celebrants tomorrow. So sad I can't go, I need to be in the studio tomorrow and I don't wanna skip on my jazzersize.. burning fats! wohohohohohhoho talk to you soon!

pinay meh

Sunday, March 8, 2009

It's Daylight Saving Time!

Hey friends! You should set your clock now, change of time again! Today is the start of the daylight saving time, it'll be spring forward. We had a great time yesterday, clean and organize our home office. Now, it is so comfy for my blogging world. Been a days I have'nt update this blog of mine, I've been busy partying though! harharharhar Last friday a friend of us throw a party to all the march birthday celebrant girlfriends. We all had a blast and I actually won the game! wohohohoho! Me and my hubby had a great time that night, we planned to go bowling after but we just decided to stay home and get cozy with our new couch. We all love it! Have a great Sunday to all, take care!

pinay meh

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Excited for our new couch!

We are all excited for our new couch, which will be here tomorrow. Whew! It's been a month or so we've been waiting for that time, finally! We put our old one downstairs, we've been cleaning the house whole day today. We rented a carpet cleaner at Kingsoopers and it work out really good. I did some laundry too, I planned to do the ironing but we go to costco and ran some errands soo it is pending again harharharhar! Well.... I'll be in the studio tomorrow and jazzersize after work. It might be late again to visit you back my fellow bloggers.... And ohhhh! I am so excited for our girls gathering on Friday.. Mmmmmm yummy food again! Me and my other girlfriends will be there earlier to help out. I am not sure if my hubby lovey can make it, he has a session from morning till night. Will talk to you soon... have a nighty night!

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Tuesday, March 3, 2009

the bachelor

Oh my gosh! Have you watched the finale of the bachelor show? oh oh..... well, in my own opinion. Jason should not have proposed to melissa if he's not sure of his feelings. But the good thing he did is he didn't marry or wait for long to tell the gilr that she's not the right one. wehhehehhe chika! Well for sure he really hurts melissa's feelings.... but he fill up molly's hearty.... (the buzz). How was your day end my fwends? Mine, I did my jazzercise today.. whew... feels sooo good! Have a goodnight!

pinay meh

my tuesday

My day so far is great! I spend my whole day in the studio, helping out. I didn't do much things today.. though I got bored I still make it harharharhar! After work, I go to my jazzercise class. It's fun and always feels good! I have it twice a week, tuesday and thursday.... burning fats! Life sometimes is unfair but need to hang in there.... Have you seen the outcome of "the bachelor"? Holly Molly.. well molly made it to her dreams. I like this kind of reality show, its enteresting. Some people say: " Don't find LOVE, let LOVE find you... Is it true? What do you think about it? Have a goodnight and I'll see you tomorrow!

pinay meh