Monday, June 22, 2009


You needn’t be shy about this chic vanity. Your bathroom will enjoy a new, fresh appeal if you incorporate this into your decor, as it offers a touch of classic style and a lot of modern appeal. The ceramic vessel sits elegantly atop the oak wood cabinet, which offers plenty of space in its two side drawers and shelving space. Included in Modern Furniture is the matching floating mirror with attached shelf and lighting, which adds the finishing touch to a sophisticated, unique and eye-catching design.Your outdoor patio or poolside should be versatile, weather-resistant and reflect your modern sensibilities. This all-weather wicker coffee table will not only offer your guests a place to set their drinks, but it will also make your entire patio collection pop. The black, chunky and blocky form is a bold move, and the chrome feet will tie it together with any modern outdoor furniture you currently have. And the wicker material is weather-resistant, so you can enjoy the simple style of this table year-round.You want your new plasma or LCD TV to stand out, declare its modern style and offer a beautiful picture for your home theater. The View Revolving TV Stand will allow you to have a perfect sweet spot for th e best picture quality every time, with its rotating base and its ultra secure stand. You can finish this TV stand in a multitude of colors and materials, from wood to lacquer to glass. And as an added bonus, CDs and DVDs can be stored in between the front and the rear of this surprisingly thin and versatile.

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