Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Jar Store

Plastic containers are harder to sterilize by the the boiling method because they may melt. It is better to use a bleach solution and wipe them individually. Glass jar containers are readily available, but glass in amber and blue are becoming more popular because they better protect your products from light. If you guys wants to get a wholesale candle glass, has all that you have been looking for. Glass candle holders are extremely popular both for their contemporary designs but also because the glass catches and reflects the light so beautifully that the candle holder really adds to the atmosphere. You do need to be careful, however, that a direct flame is not applied to the glass, particularly if it is thin glass. Overheating glass, which can occur when it is in direct contact with the candle flame, can cause the glass candle holder to crack or shatter. So take care that tea lights are away from the sides on the candle holders and take care that long candles are not allowed to burn right down so that the flame is very close to the glass. A simple jar, metal wire, a crystal bead, and a tealight candle can pull this look for. These little lights would be beautiful hung throughout your garden..

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