Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Formaspace Workbench

If you actually went through the trouble of making your own reagent, don’t let your lab mates take advantage of your time investment. Place ambiguous labels on bottles so others have no idea what is really in the bottle. For reagents with a distinctive color or appearance, don’t use a clear bottle. It can also help to hide the most likely stolen reagents in the back of your reagent shelf. If you have to head to another room or even to the refrigerator to pick something up, watch for someone else heading out of the lab or in the vicinity of the refrigerator. Ask them if they will grab X for you while they’re going. This is a real time saver and your “friend” will take this as a compliment that you trust them with your reagents. Apply a brightly colored label to the item with your name and hide it in a secret drawer. This way you won’t have to go searching for it all the time when you need it. Don’t worry about others getting angry searching for lab bench manager will eventually break down and get a new one.

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