Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Ultimate indoor exercise

The pool area is free from drafts, but well ventilated. The space is well lit, but without water glare. Soft music plays in the background. A shower is near by. You can swim whenever you want. Travel distance is nonexistent. Home rehab pool is increasingly becoming the ideal personal aquatic environment. Whether for personal fitness, swim spa, the great variety of pool structures available allows individuals to customize a home pool to their own specifications. A soap shower before swimming, wearing a cap to keep loose hair out of the water, and covering the pool helps maintain chemical balance, and reduces cleaning demands. Make sure that your filtration system can handle the use you intend to keep your pool running with ease.

The home pool has been a staple of home recreation for many years. Outdoor pools dominate the market; but outdoor pools are weather dependent. Aquatic therapy have the advantage of year round use. Personal pools aren't only for lap swimming. Depth of water varies with design. Several depth choices, including underwater platforms and/or benches are available. This makes the personal pool ideal for aquatic exercise. The variable depth design allows you to exercise standing in water from waist to shoulder depth or sitting in water up to shoulder depth. The potential for water exercise is unlimited. Water walking/jogging can be done at any pace for any distance. The personal pool can work like a treadmill, increasing the current to provide a more difficult workout. By turning off the current, the pool can be used for more traditional water exercise. Equipment can be added while standing or sitting at one of the side ledges. For example, water mitts can be used with or without the current to increase resistance and help build strength.

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