Friday, December 31, 2010

Garfield at Christmas

Growing up Garfield was always one of my absolute favorite cartoons to watch. Every Saturday morning I would tune in to see what Garfield, John and Odie were up to that week and I can still remember laughing at their antics as a very young girl. When I was seven years old, I saw A Garfield Christmas Special for the first time. The movie had been around for a few years by this time, but I had never before seen it. To me, it was one of the most entertaining and funny Christmas movies around.

A few years back, I found myself flipping through my Directtv and found that Garfields Christmas special was on. I immediately started watching and fell right back into loving it. The movie has a special lighthearted air about it that makes it easy to watch and completely different from other animated Christmas movies. The wit and humor of this movie is something that has grown with me through the years and I love getting to catch up on Garfield every Christmas season through the Christmas special. This different Christmas movie is a great way to break away from typical movies at Christmas time and really get a good laugh.

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I finally got signed in into new blogging world, Thanks PPP for giving me the oppurtunity.

a moment is the answer to all of lifes mysteries!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

My Favorite Sports Network For A Sports Nut

Being a sports nut, I am always looking for the best station for my hometown teams. After some searching that is more thorough than I care to admit, Fox Sports West has become my favorite sports network. There are a lot of choices out there, but when I am watching local baseball teams, this is the channel I flip to.

There are a lot of sports networks on Satalite TV, from ESPN to ABC baseball, but when it comes down to what network I am watching, it is all about local games. I may keep an eye out on other baseball teams on the internet or in the Sunday newspaper, but when I want to watch local games with knowledgeable announcers, Fox Sports West is my channel. Both the Dodgers and the Angels are given a huge amount of face time on this network meaning that I don't have to flip through channels hoping to catch a few highlights later on in the day. More importantly, the announcers are just as big as fans as I am. They know these teams in and out which I have a front row seat to all the action, every game.

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My 3 weeks Vacation

I really had a great time spending my 3 weeks vacation in PI. I feel so loved by my family and relatives, I enjoy all the Pinoy delicacies and food. I still enjoy the warm weather but the humidity is such a bummer. I hope and wish I can go back soon with my lover on my side.

It is so cold here in Denver, snowing bad. It's gonna be a white New Year! I have been looking forward for a white Christmas but Mr. Snowman didn't show up. So for sure it's gonna be a white New Year!

Goodbye Year 2010, and welcome Year 2011.....

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Great Cleaning Services

Here’s an important concept you should know: Spot remover is made to remove what left behind after you clean up the bulk of the mess. It isn’t designed to make urine evaporate. So having said that, what do you use to remove the bulk of the urine before treating with a carpet odor removal austin? Use a wet vacuum or a shop vacuum as soon as you find urine on your carpet or rug. You can get one at any hardware store and most department stores. When used on a fresh urine spot, the wet vacuum will remove a majority of the urine. Then whip out your favorite spot remover and treat the remaining urine left behind.

When other carpet cleaning companies don’t have the experience or education necessary to handle special situations. This dog urine odor removal austin carpet really is made from the same same stuff that some wicker baskets are made of. My family and I used to make wicker basket lamp shades when I was growing up and we would sell them at Saturday Market but that’s a whole other story. This carpet is definitely high end/expensive carpet but unfortunately not very practical to live with. Since everyone of us is human and prone to get stains on the carpet this would not be a type of carpet I would recommend.

When we arrived at the scene the realtor was frantic yet excited we had come to the rescue. She informed me how important this job was for both her and her customer. I explained to her that there was an expert  quality carpet cleaning austin carpet and most companies wouldn’t even touch it. There are really only a handful of companies that would or could handle this carpet. To clean it properly you have to be very careful. It is extremely likely that the carpet will brown out. The reason is because if you don’t clean it on the acid pH scale you will end up getting water stains which is lignant. In all actuality sisal carpet is fairly easy to clean if you have the right cleaners, education and equipment.

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Learn about Abestos

Asbestos was recognized for centuries before scientists and industrialists saw it as the dream answer to acid and heat resistance. Asbestos did not conduct electricity and was resistant to the massive heating/cooling cycles that were the basis of the industrial revolution. No wonder the great industrial corporations of the late-19th and 20th centuries embraced asbestos with such fervor.

It was not until the early 1960s that the first warnings of a wolf in sheep’s clothing appeared in medical literature, with Wagner describing several cases of a rare lung cancer (mesothelioma) in asbestos miners in South Africa. Other researchers of that time also find here the  asbestos survey capability to cause cancer and other illnesses – primarily of the respiratory tract. Occupational diseases are the price society pays for industry’s past willingness to accept health risks as a justifiable cost of doing business. More correctly stated, it is the price that workers are paying. And now like the old Ontario Hydro stranded debit it falls to the public of Ontario in the 21st century to pick up the cost of the past’s excessive ways.

However, when a surgeon looks at a pre-malignant or malignant polyp in a patient’s colon, there is no reliable indicator to determine if pre-cancer or cancerous changes were caused by asbestos. As we know, with most cancers the causes are multi-factorial. Diet has something to do with the appearance of bowel cancer, as have genetics and, unfortunately, asbestos. There is strong epidemiological evidence supporting the notion that these cancers appear more frequently in asbestos-exposed than non-exposed workers. Asbestos minerals consist of thin, plaster board  that have a parallel arrangement. Nonfibrous forms of tremolite, actinolite, and anthophyllite also are found naturally. However, because they are not fibrous, they are not classified as asbestos minerals. Amphibole asbestos fibers are generally brittle and often have a rod- or needle-like shape, whereas chrysotile asbestos fibers are flexible and curved.

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2 more days....

Year 2010 is not the best year for me, but I am still very thankgful for the up above for guiding me and making me strong for all the problems I have encountered. I am very thankful for my true friends that I can always lean on them if I need them.

I am very thankful for you Year 2010 for I got the priviledge to visit my family in PI. I finally got to be with them after three years of living in the US.

And welcome Year 2011, I hope you will bring lots of blessings in my life. I am so excited for you to come because I can feel you will bring bunches of happiness for me and my lover.

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