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In independent reviews, and in some medical reviews, research suggests that the only safe diet pills are the ones that don’t provide temporary results. Most diet pills, whether in prescription form or marketed as nutritional supplements work because they are stimulants, and thus do have appetite suppression qualities. They are not magic bullets that can be substituted for the actual benefits of a healthy diet and exercise.Since safe diet pills really don’t appear to exist, it makes more sense to come up with a safe diet. Planning with a doctor can help one find ways to eat sensibly and to exercise in a safe manner. Though studies have shown diet and exercise tend to result in more gradual weight loss, they also show that people who adopt healthier attitudes toward eating and exercising seem to be able to keep weight off. Further, most people regain weight as soon as they stop taking diet pills, since appetite suppression is not self-willed, but is controlled by a pill. When diet pills are marketed as nutritional supplements, they do not need to go through the same rigorous testing that applies to prescription medication. The FDA can only act if a product has been shown to cause significant harm. Thus there is always risk in taking so-called safe diet pills. If you want to lose weight you should do what I did, increase your exercise a little bit. Diet s will help you shed a few pounds, but its nothing permanent. what diet s do is they decrease your appe e which then decreases the amount of calories .

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