Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Get cruising...

I finally have my driver's learning permit.. yaahhhoooo!!! Get in the car and start cruising hek hek hek hek! This day is a very lucky day for me, somebody offers me a job and I'm loving it! Finally I can drive now with my learning permit, not like before driving without it, hek hek hek!
How's your day so far my friends? You have a goodnight!

pinay meh

Saturday, September 13, 2008

Been so Blessed!

I am so very happy and blessed by GOD. It's almost a year I've been here in US and I'm loving it! Still on adjustment period too, my hubby makes me sooooo comfy since I got here. Thanks to my Filipina friends who always makes my tummy happy... hek hek hek hek!

pinay meh

Saturday, September 6, 2008

Very good lunch!

Ahhhhhh my tummy is so happy! I have some left over fro our dinner at Philippines Restaurant lastnight and I finish it off today. Wheewwwww! my tummy is so full.... and my eyes is sleepy... hek hek hek! Well, Im not going to take a nap tho cause its hard for me to sleep at night.
Well.... no justice yet! I hope I can get one today, have a nice weekend my fwends!

pinay meh

Friday, September 5, 2008

Been busy

Need to update my blog now... been busy for 2 days.. well... how are you my fellow bloggers? Did you already have justice today?(PPP opp's) Mine is still waiting for some "grasya" from them! Thanks to Dalyn for offering to help me more about blogging.

Just having some difficulties in adding pics and links in my blogspot blog... hummmmmm I'm trying tho to make it happen.. days and days I'm learning... Thanks to you girl! Really appreciate that! Have a good one my fwends.... been chilly in here... gloomy but refreshing! We did go for a walk this morning and it feels great!

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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I bought this Philippine Dried Mango in Costco.... This is one of the specialty in Cebu, Philippines. Taste good and little bit sweet.

Philippine mango is known worldwide as the best tasting variety of Carabao mangoes in the world. Philippine mangoes have a distinct rich taste, no turpentine taste, not fibrous and high nutritional value compared to other cultivars.

Our Philippine Mango slices are rich and creamy in flavor, tender and smooth in texture. The Philippine variety mango is known as the king of mangos because of its high quality taste profile. Our Philippine Mango meets this standard of taste excellence and we're proud to offer you this exotic taste experience. In addition, our Philippine Mango is an excellent source of the antioxidant vitamin C and a good source of the antioxidant vitamin A.

pinay meh

The Rockies made it!

Thanks to our hired photographer!We did watch the Rockies vs Giants lastnight, and the game got tied in 9th inning.... It was so intense and fun.... finally Spilborgchs made it in 12th inning. They scored 6 to 5....

We got a free ticket from one of the engineer in the studio, they give us 4 tickets with good seats. So we invited Dave and Tammy to go with us.... We really had fun lastnight! Thank you Steve and Beth for the tickets, you Rock!

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Monday, September 1, 2008

Home made mango float

I made my home made mango float today.... While we're in Costco yesterday, I saw some mangoes which is really in a good price. So me and my hubby grab some... He don't mangoes that much but he said he will try my mango float. Hope you like it fwends... have a good night! oh oh.. something wrong with my pics... thought I already downloaded those. Can anybody help me how to do it?

pinay meh

The Magician

A magician worked on a cruise ship. The audience was different each week so the magician did the same tricks over and over again. There was only one problem: The captain's parrot saw the shows each week and beganto understand how the magician did every trick.Once he understood, he started shouting in the middle of the show,'Look, It's not the same hat!' or, 'Look, he's hiding the flowersunder the table!' or 'Hey, why are all the cards the ace of spades?'The magician was furious but couldn't do anything. It was, after all, the Captain's' parrot.
Then one stormy night on the Pacific, the ship unfortunately sank, drowning almost all who were on board. The magician luckily found himself on a piece of wood floating in the middle of the sea, as fate would have it ... with the parrot.They stared at each other with hatred, but did not utter a word.This went on for a day... and then 2 days ... and then 3 days. Finally on the 4th day, the parrot could not hold back any longer and said...
'OK, I give up. Where's the ____ ship?'

pinay meh