Tuesday, June 2, 2009

Home Security System

Various studies have shown that a well-maintained neighborhood and volunteer watch can actually go a lot further toward preventing crime than all the surveillance cameras and pit bulls you can adorn your property with. And the need for community-involved crime prevention becomes even more important in a down economy when crime tends to go up. For security, the home security system has concealed hinges to make it pry-resistant, a 4-number combination dial security lock, and four solid steel locking bolts.

The most obvious fix for this security system problem is not to have a spare key laying around. If you're truly concerned that someone in the family is going to lose the key and not be able to get into the house. This ADT entry system is easily reprogrammed if you decide you don't want the cleaning lady, eldest son who won't move out, etc. not to know the combination any more.

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