Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our first bowling

Its Saturday, glad my hubby dont have a session this weekend. We got up late today, that's our routine if its weekend specially if he don't have a session. We have eggs and bacon for late breakfast, cup of jo for me and orange juice for my one and only honey. We plan to go for a little road trip, but we decided to go walking so we can bring Abbey too, she needs to get out of the house. Well, after our walk, we talk about going to Mother Cabrini Shrine and go walk on their 100 steps stairs?(not sure tho).. we grab some lunch first, then it's kind a late to go up to the mountains, the plan was cancelled. We just go to Brunswick Zone and try to do bowling. We really had so much fun, it is my first time, yes it is! I can't afford to go bowling when I'm still in Pinas. So then, my hubby said its not bad for a first timer. I did 3 strikes hahahah just three out of thirty games. My hubby got a strike lots, he's good in it. I remember when some of my friends did the bowling too, it is really fun! We might do it again, but if we will go about 9pm till midnight? Its a good deal...

Tomorrow, we will go hear mass at Mother Cabrini Shrine at eleven am. The Crompton's will be there too.... I can't wait to take Cindy to their grotto, for sure she'll gonna love it! Right now, I am chatting with my relatives in Pinas. They are all in my Aunts House, a Family gathering and at the same time they are chatting with me online. They all tease me about my voice and my new face/body. They all said I gain weight oh oh.. I'm in trouble..... hehehhehe well anyway, We just love to hear mass in that place.. it is so solemn and awesome. You have a great night my fwends, and have a Blessed Sunday.... Superbowl tomorrow too! We'll gonna watch it, even Broncos didn't make it.

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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Still wide awake!

Hayyyyyy! It's not easy to throw a party wheeeewww! Cleaning all around, making everything will turn out right. I already make the eggroll but I still need more wrapper, I thought 1 pack is enough, my bad. Tired, sleepy and my back is hurting "panohot" nasad!
I'tll be fun tomorrow.... I wanna go to bed my I'd like to wait for my hubby to come home. He's still in the studio with session. Tomorrow, he still have a session, working hard for our living. He ahad two sessions tomorrow, one at 1pm till 3 and at 11pm till I dont know.... Okies fwends... talk to you later!

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Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My bro's birthday!

It's my older brother's birthday today, actually in the Pinas. We are day late in there, I might call him when I get home from work. I'm in the studio and had a little time to update my blog, lastnight I got to bed late. For I'm making some mango float for the party tomorrow, hayyyyyssss, so overwhelm, very much! I need to make eggrolls later too, and maranate some pork. So we will just cook it the next day, it'll be easeir to do. Back to work now.... have a good one!

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Thursday, January 22, 2009

My Thursday...

I have a great day, helping out in the studio.. doing SOMETHING!!!! lOl Well.... I did some paperworks lately, inventory and work orders. The office manager is happy with my work that I am not just sitting or doing nothing. I didn't take advantage that my hubby is the owner I still do my job. My hubby will be busy for three days, from 10am to 8pm. I'll be home, mag nga-nga sa balay hehehehehe!

I'm thinking what to have for dinner, maybe I'll make rice and fried "Maling" yummy huh?! I'll call my fam in Pinas later cause my older bro just got home from other country. Talk to you later my fwends... Have a goodnight!

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Sunday, January 18, 2009

David Foster & Friends

Friends, you've got to have a cd of David Foster called " Hitman " its really awesome! Great performer with great songs. Lastnight, me and my hubby go to bed late like almost midnight because we were watching the DVD of Hitman. We were so amaze with Big Names in Music Industry. While were running some errands yesterday, my hubby plays the cd and were listening to it, I told him such a great songs honey! Then he said this one had a dvd too, I said we need to watch it tonight then.. DEAL!

We go to Furniture Row lastnight before we headed to our dinner, we're looking for couches and they have two that we really like. We might go back there and get that couch, new year, new life, new beginning walay char! hek hek hek hek We headed to Jewel of India for dinner yummy yummy yummy! We just love this place, as usual same menu, veggie korma and chicken curry... we love their nun too not sure with the spelling. I told my hubby we are both spoiling ourselves in terms of food, we need to check our weigh again an back off with food!
Back to the show, awesome singers like Michael Bubl'e, Blake Shelton (fufu ayo xa oy), Josh Groban, Brian McKnight, Celine Dion, Katharine McPhee, Peter Cetera, Kenny and Kevon Edmonds, Renee Olstead, Charice and one of my favorite singer, Andrea Bocelli. I'll show you the DVD girls on the party soon... Hope everybody can make it... Gotta go now, we plan to hear mass in Mother Cabrini Shrine at 11 this morning and go to my sis in law's house to help her out organize the house. We'll talk soon... Have a Blessed Sunday my fwends!

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Friday, January 16, 2009

The Old Spaghetti Factory

We had a nice dinner in Spaghetti Factory, the place is cool because its been a rail train before. The front door is huge! It looks like an antique resto or building. We had a yummy salad, my hubby had a Spinach and Cheese Ravioli and I got the Bake Chicken with Spaghetti. The place is pack, lots of birthday celebration were there. We might go back in this place sometime, they have huge discount too every Monday and Tuesday, and its 40% off so its a good deal.
My hubby right now is fixing the oven, we got a new one for our Christmas present. Its kind a late tho, we ordered it last December then Sears delivered it last 13th. It'll be nice to have a new one, cause our old one is not working really good! I hope the storm in our town will go away... it brings a really huge disaster. Have a goodnight my fwends!

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Thursday, January 15, 2009

We had a great day!

A great day for me and my hubby, haaaaaaaayyyyy prayer is so powerful. We had a great day beacause we finally made it to my greencard. Hayyyyy thank GOD! We're done with this paper works for 2 years. So now, we can take vacation in Pinas anytime. But we plan to go visit my fam 2 years from now. I'm not sure if I can still handle that after 2 years thingy.. I am so eager to go home and have fun with my family and friends. Well, plane tickets is not that easy tho... After our interview in USCIS in downtown Denver, we go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Its so funny, my hubby look at me and said, so we made it to your greencard, will you eat salad now? hahahahhaha so then I told him.. lets go to Sweet Tomatoes the... lOl that's were we landed... Tomorrow night, we have a dinner for celebration. My hubby had a session late tonight... How's your day my fwends? Anything good?!
Thank you LORD, Mama Mary, Inahan sa Kanunay nga Panabang, Mother Cabrini and specially to Sr. St. Nino for the blessing we received.

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Wednesday, January 14, 2009

It's nice out!

Yes it is! I didn't know till my hubby called and told me its nice out. So what I did is hang outside and do some chores. Great sun in my skin, Abbey's playing too and of course barking with the other dogs next door. I clean up the filters in our hot tub, water the little trees, put some water in bird tub, re-planting and putting some stuff in the bird food. I take off our christmas lights too in our front patio. Atleast I did something today lOl and not just "sitting pretty" well, I am not pretty.... not that much
Now, I am listening to imeem songs.... preferably tagalog songs.... just enjoying, relaxing after doing some stuff. Oh, I am so excited! My family back in Pinas send me some canned goods that I really like.... food food food! Bro says I'll get it in two weeks..... yeppeyyyy... so excited to have those and eating time again... How's your day so far? Hope it's great!

pinay meh

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Tummy!

Me and my other girlfriends had a very happy tummy! Yes we do!.... Angie and Zima planned to go visit Alleth and her baby girl named "Madei", she is so adorable.... buyag lang! Then we go to Ciny's abode to have dinner and she prepared yummy food as always. We had tinolang manok, fried bangus, dried fish, ginataang nangka, paksiw na bangus and rice of course! For dessert, we had ice cream... mmmmm yummy yummy yummy.... Thanks Angie and Zima for picking me up and to Cindy for the yummy food.... Till next time hek hek hek hek Have a goodnight my fwends!
Now, just hanging out... waiting for my hubby to come home... he had a session till 10 tonight but they extended the time for an hour.... Missing my honey... walay char ha! lOl

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Saturday, January 10, 2009

grumpy to smiley face!

That is me! When I got up this morning, feels like its the end of the world hahahahahha! well, maybe because my monthly visitor is coming soon, I always feel this way. So then, I started my morning with my grumpy face. I didn't grab any breakfast, didn't even prepare one for my hubby, so bad! I boot up the pc and checked my mails, FS and blogging world. My hubby decided to go for a walk with Abbey and of course I didn't go.... lOl
After checking my stuff online, I did iron some clothes, my fave! wehehehhehe! It's not too bad tho, after ironing the clothes I grab my leftover "humba" and rice. While I'm having my so called breakfast and lunch munch, I watched movie called " My daughter's secret" its a good one, you better watch it!
Shawie finally smile, hahahahahha! My hubby told me that we will take our box for my family in Pinas to Manila Express. I did drive from home to Aurora, isn't that cool? It's my first time getting gas and going inside the car wash, it's a little bit tricky going in. But my hubby guides me....
After dropping off the box in the said place, we go to Cherry Creek Mall. Amazing! lots of good stuff in there! My hubby makes my day smiley.... He alwasys have great patience for me... he will just call me crazy girl. I am so thankful to GOD for the blessings that HE give us..... Salamat Kaayo, Sr. Santo Nino... Pit Senior!

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Thursday, January 8, 2009

Thai House for dinner!

We are very full, we had Thai House for dinner, mmmmmmm that's one of our fave Resto in town. My day is great, been in the studio and helping out. We are so thankful to GOD that despite of our economy right now, Colorado Sound Studios is still rocking! Thank GOD! We are booked everyday, and some clients wants to finish their music as soon as possible.... There 's one client (loyal) wants to make his 3 albums in the studio.. so he booked March and April.... We love Colorado Sound Studios!
Well, we might watch movie later, you have a goodnight my fwends!

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