Friday, June 5, 2009

My achieved card

I love shopping a lot, I am so glad that my hubby is very supportive with my shopping talent. When I got here in States, I don't have any Prepaid Debit Card yet. So the time I got my SSN we then directly headed to the bank and open an account for me. It's just so easy to go shopping with Prepaid Mastercard in your hand. Not like having cash that you still need to count them, buts with Mastercard, you can just swipe and sign it. For even more added convenience, you can have all or part of your paycheck deposited directly into your AchieveCard account. And there is no need to add money to your account, the funds will be available when you get paid.

I have been in the mall for a couple of days to find a great deal for Father's Day, I am still thinking of what to get for honey bunny. The next step we will get for myself is Prepaid Credit Card, with this card I just need to deposit cash in the bank and it'll be ready to purchase the things that I want. you can manage your finances, you can also get an online account that allows you to check your balance, view recent transactions and pay bills.There are two easy ways to load your Achieve Card. Direct deposit has no associated fees and is the fastest and easiest way to load your card. Learn more about direct deposit here. Your card can also be loaded at any Green Dot Reloading Location.

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