Thursday, June 4, 2009

Happy Hump day

May all you have a great Thursday evening, we have rice and hot wings for dinner.. my fave! I've been working at the studio today, we are starting to close the month of May... but we didn't make it into zero yet, we're off for $.87 oh oh and you know what?! We can find it nyahahahahha.. We already check the work orders and cd's but noooooo... that eighty seven cents is still there. I hope we can settle it tomorrow. We stop by at Asian gorcery store after work, I grab some pork belly for my "humba" on Saturday. I'm gonna be at baby shower party again on Saturday.. ohhh myyyy... parties are everywhere. On Wednesday is my girlfriends 2nd baby shower and on Saturday is the first birthday of my friends daughter. So.. let's get the party started!

pinay meh

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