Monday, June 8, 2009

Great help for the older

The panic button is available as a medical bracelet or necklace, and should be worn by the subscriber at all times. When pressed, the panic button activates the medical base unit which can be plugged into any telephone jack. This cohesive system ensures the safety of individuals at risk and enhances attention in senior monitoring. Both styles are waterproof and offer an optimum range of typically 600 feet or more. In addition, one alarm unit will work with up to eight different medical life alert bracelets simultaneously.

When monitored by the Rescue Alert Response Center, the panic button's battery status is reported every time it is pressed. This is an example of the type of innovation that sets rescue alert apart from other personal emergency medical alert systems. For subscribers lacking fine motor skills or dexterity, soft touch buttons are also available. A soft touch emergency medical life alert bracelet is much easier to activate, but may result in an increased number of false alarms.

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