Sunday, July 26, 2009

Your web hosting

Many of the top search engines also do not index websites that are hosted on free web hosting servers, which would again have an impact on the amount of web traffic that you get, since search engines are the main source of receiving web traffic Also, you would not be getting enough amounts of web hosting resources like the bandwidth, the web space, the memory and other web tools and applications. There are absolutely no security features that are installed in case of many of the free dedicated server. If sometimes, you face any problems, there would not be any customer service or any technical staff whom you could contact for help. So, as long as you want to make a huge amount of money on the internet, make sure that you do not even thing about the free web hosting companies. This leads to a huge amount of false web traffic that literally shuts it down. The softwares that protect your website from all these kind of attacks are not at all cheap. This means that many web hosts present on the internet, will not be using such protections to protect their user’s website and its content. So, this makes your website vulnerable to any attack on any single site a particular web host’s network. The next important thing that you need to take care of is the security of your web hosting server. The security factor if not taken care of, can certainly cost your website and the content present in it. There should be latest and frequently updated antiviruses, anti-spywares, anti-malwares, and other important applications and codes installed on the web hosting server. All these things are absolutely necessary to protect your website and the content present in it. So, if your web host does not have all the features installed on the web hosting server, see that you do not get registered with it. Even if you have registered with such web hosting companies, make sure that you change your web host immediately, before your website starts getting affected.

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