Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Journaling is a very good tool for psychics to utilize to help them improve their accuracy and track the frequencies of psychic phenomenon that occur around them. You can create a small journal of your predictions, of conversations with your psychic love advice, of consultations with clients, or just of things that you feel might be indications of a psychic event. Like everyone, psychics are not perfect, and readings often go awry. It is important to learn from this, because the nature of psychic powers make them difficult to understand, and true psychic visions can be difficult to distinguish from daydreams for many people, especially beginners. When you look back and notice the differences between the real psychic phenomenon and those that were false, then you can more easily distinguish between the two things. Keeping track of these things will allow you to easily look back and see how well you are doing as a reader, or how much power you are developing over time, and can act as a valuable reference tool for you. One of the best ways for psychics to get started on a career using their powers is to offer some readings via email. This will get you used to giving people readings and advice without having to necessarily come up with it on the spot, which is one of the most common problems that psychics have when starting off. Sure, you may know all of the cards or signs, but applying their meaning specifically, particularly when dealing with strangers, is hard at first. In order to make the most of your journal, you should update it regularly, and discuss not only the reading or event, but the things that preceded it, the reasons why you believe your reading to be accurate, and the reaction of your client. All of these things will help you in discovering your true talents.

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