Thursday, July 9, 2009

Business Voip

Most small business VoIP options center around a managed or hosted solution. For smaller businesses that may lack full-time IT personnel, or may not have the telecoms expertise available in-house to set up and maintain an on-premises system, the managed or hosted option presents an excellent option for Business Voip. The managed or hosted solution also gives the small business the advantage of avoiding the up-front capital expenditure required for an on-premises solution, providing additional cost savings. After deciding between managed, hosted, or on-premises small business VoIP solutions, the next step is to find what is available in your area. Chances are, there will be several options available, and you can easily compare price and feature set to come up with the best option for you. Remember however, that there really is no single small business VoIP solution that is the best for all circumstances, what’s best for you will depend on your own particular needs. Start out by making a list of features that you need or desire, and then compare prices between the providers that offer those features.

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