Thursday, July 16, 2009

Telecom Expense Management

The great promise of telecom expense management has been that a bridge will be built to the values provided in communications infrastructure and applications management. Interesting piece of research reveals that consumers consider setting-up mobile applications and services is too complex. This holds them back from buying new more advanced phones and trying new services. This is bad news for operators and device manufacturers that are spending millions on bringing new devices and services to market services also potentially offer the stewardship that has been lacking to improve the security and migration activities associated with the porting of key Enterprise Applications to the mobile environment. The combination of Usage Management & Dispute Management establishes the company as a leading provider of TEM solutions worldwide offering a full TEM solution suite for voice, data and wireless through various delivery models including software license, managed service, and fully outsourced. All solution options are complemented by a complete set of consulting services. Telecom Cost Reduction, like service providers in general, faces a few challenges as it works to navigate and create services market. For vendors to extend into an adjacent market and increase their revenue per user. Telecom Inventory Management services are more dynamic, and less reactive, than traditional, facilities-bound kitting, advance replacements and depot repair. Right now, the data points are very meager in terms of case studies and the cost reductions promised are much ’softer’ than the hard dollar guarantees that TEM providers are used to selling.

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