Monday, July 13, 2009

Diet & Weight Loss

While there are cholesterol lowering medications you can take, there's so much you can do to accomplish your objective through dietary. Here are some of the best cholesterol reducing foods, herbs and spices to work into your cholesterol reducing diet program. Including plentiful amounts of these foods and nutrients can whip those numbers into shape within as little as three months. These healthy dietary inclusions also an array of other benefits to your general health. It has been suggested that it may help promote better cholesterol and help cleanse the colon which many health authorities now believe meal replacement shakes may contribute to a better weight loss. Another fat fighting food is the radish, typically used in salads. It’s very low in calories, fat and cholesterol, but high in iron, magnesium and other nutrients. This little veggie helps clean the body’s mucous membrane and dissolve fat in cells. We all know that too high cholesterol levels spells trouble for your heart health, especially during menopause.

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