Friday, July 10, 2009

Lift Chairs

The ability to stand up independently without the arm or shoulder of a caretaker is not something that is possible for everyone. The task itself sounds ever so simple, but if you are afflicted by arthritis or other mobility related diseases, then it is not so simple. As an aid to standing, many people use lift chairs. A Lift Chair is in appearance similar to that of a recliner, but unlike a recliner, a lift chair actually helps you stand up. This is as a result of a strong lifting system that is installed into the base of the chair. When activated, this system causes the chair to rise slowly into the air and when fully raised, it is easy to safely exit the chair. These devices are controlled by a remote, which is responsible for raising the chair, but also for controlling the backrest and the footrest. This is because, unlike a traditional recliner, a lift chair uses an electric motor to control the footrest and the backrest. This allows for much more control over the chairs position, which results in a more comfortable sitting experience. A lift chair looks very similar to a recliner and offers many of the same features, but it also helps make standing and sitting easy. The chair can be raised slowly into the air. When the chair has been raised, the seat is positioned in a manner that makes it easy to transfer to a standing position or from standing to sitting. They are a great way to improve safety. Using a lift chair is often done to improve safety, but they also improve comfort. Many quality chairs are available, which are comparable to high-end recliners, but cost much less. While they often cost less than a traditional recliner, these chairs usually offer superior comfort and quality.

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