Thursday, July 2, 2009

Club Med vacations

Book your vacation at Club Med vacations and you will be in the Caribbean with all of the slight blemishes that go along with it. It is also part of the charm. This is a beautiful resort with great GO's everywhere. Your kids will venture out and have a blast, and the adults can do activities all day long or simply chill. The gift shop is simply that, and not a Walgreens. You will encounter people from around the world. If all you want to do is speak to Americans and stay at a posh hotel, go to Miami. We love meeting people from around the world that it takes an effort to communicate with if at all. That's what makes it fun. The tennis is worth your time, and you can sign up for the ATP lessons for additional charge if you want, but you get plenty of free drills and fun playing opportunities. We had an international match where my partner was French, against a team that had another American and a French Canadian. The kids absolutely love this place. The GO's do a great job of looking after the kids without keeping them on a leash. As far as the beach and the pool, it is always fun when new groups arrive and get up at 7:00am to put out towels on lounges before they realize that there are plenty to go around even when the resort is full.

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