Wednesday, July 29, 2009

With the constant workload on everyone’s plate, connecting with prospects or even clients on a regular basis is difficult. E-newsletters help you keep in touch with those prospects and clients on a scheduled time frame. They’ll be expecting your email with more industry news as well as details about a new Amsterdam apartment rental or service you are providing for them. It even helps create an incentive for them to contact you when they need to. An example would be if one of our clients read that has a new and improved IPhone Application and wants to know if their apartment property is listed. Inquiring more information about the post allows us to follow up and instill great customer service. You may be hesitant to add yet another project on your shoulders, but remember sending e-newsletters is an effective and measurable marketing program. It will help in producing results for company during this challenging economy.And because most e-newsletters are quick and easy to create, you can write your content, assemble the pieces together and send them out quicker. This allows your message to be sent out promptly and easily! This is especially beneficial should you be running a special promotion and you want to get word out.Green is a cool color that looks good on you! Many going green items are in fact green in color. When you think of going green, you think of Mother Nature, which is green. And, as we mentioned earlier, it helps save you some green in your wallet. This fabulous color will be all around you, and why not? You look good in green.

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