Friday, August 14, 2009

Trendy Maternity

There are no fixed parameters that decide when you need to start wearing maternity clothes This is mainly because while there are benchmarks to assess whether your weight increase is normal or not as the months go by, there is a wide differentiation in how the body of each woman reacts to pregnancy. The size of the baby, the diet and various other factors like metabolism also affect the manner in which the tummy shall grow.

Regardless of the fact that it is suggested that most women do not start showing or gain significant weight before the first trimester is over, some women do gain significant weight in the first trimester. Many feel bloated and normal clothing may tug against the sensitive stomach. The best thing in this case would be to buy non-maternity clothes that have a drawstring or an elastic band at the hip. Buy a few pairs of maternity jeans, pants, skirts or shorts, whichever you prefer, and you will be able to wear them even after you deliver the baby.

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