Monday, August 24, 2009

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People who see a chiropractor for assistance are very likely to con­tinue with Chiropractic services. The report showed that over a 4 year period that about 30 percent of those seniors who did have Chiropractic visits continued to visit their chiropractor in three of those four years. From this, researchers concluded that these seniors made salt lake city chiropractor a regular part of their health care regimen. It was dis­covered that the volume of Chiropractic visits was lower for those who lived alone, had lower incomes and poorer cognitive abilities. The volume of visits was higher for those who were overweight and for those with lower body difficulties. Persons with arthritis pain were also frequent Chiropractic patients. One surprising conclusion of the study was that Chiropractic use among older Americans is less fre­quent than has been reported in other sources for the United States as a whole, according to the researchers. However, usage remains frequent for older adults expe­riencing pain who have sufficient finances, available transportation and a geographic location in proximity to a chiropractor. A child is susceptible to spinal trauma from the birth process and all the way through their childhood when they take many spills and tumbles during the growing up process. They usually find that chiropractic care is at least as effective as traditional care in results without the side effects. Very few have looked at costs. As expected some of the studies are less favorable and some are more. The preponderance of the evidence points to good outcomes, few side effects and cost savings over the traditional care.

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