Wednesday, August 13, 2008

When a yellow lab and yorky puppy crossed path!

Huge disaster when this two puppies meet when we're Kansas. Well, we already talk about it that there will be a disaster if Abbey and Andee ( Dad's dog) meet. At first, of course! they are barking at each other and chasing.... Abbey is a great chaser, but she's a scaru cat! hahahahaha she is just not used to be with other dogs though.
Abbey is 8 months old now, eventhough she's not listening to us sometimes.... we still love our Abbey Mae. She is still had that puppy attitude. When she'll be with other dogs, she will really try to smell 'em and then bark. Just normal for a dog.
Andee, 3 years old yorky. She is really well trained by Dad, and she's older than Abbey. Andee is triple smaller than Abbey BUT she's a lot tougher than her. Everytime she will bark, Abbey will be very scared hahahahaha. When I give Andee some pets, Abbey gets jealous and barking at me and Andee.... Well, fwends these are tha dog that me and my hubby LOVES! Hope you like them too!

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