Wednesday, August 13, 2008

It's a Floating Cabin!

That's what Dad Jack ( Dad-in-law) told us, this is his floating cabin. Very cool boat, air conditioning, very tiny restroom, cool fridge, very comfy bed, and a little dining table. When Dad bring us to his boat which is just 10 minutes away from tha camper. It's so amazing, people just hang thier boat in this area, thought they called it as boat docking area. But Dad never take his boat in the ocean or lake. He never do that, that's why he just told us this is his floating cabin!
He always spend his weekend in this boat and camper, which is really cool! While we're on our way to Wilson's Lake, I was thinking why Dad love to spend his weekend in this area. And when the time we reach the lake, oh my goodness! It is so fantastic! It feels like your in the one Island of the Philippines, its like your facing a big ocean ( but its just a lake ) it's huge lake... and me and my hubby are loving it! Lots of moisture, sooo refreshing. We will be back in here sometime soon.

pinay meh

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