Thursday, August 14, 2008

Veggie Korma and spicy Chicken Curry

We had our dinner in Jewel of India, one of our fave! Some people dont like it because of the spicy's that they used, but we love it! My hubby had veggie korma and mine is chicken curry. After my hubby's session today, he called me up to get ready for dinner outside. While we're on our way, we had three choices of where to go, ZO's, Thai House or Jewel of India.... I said, well I missed Jewel of India honey, so its granted! hek hek hek hek!
A very happy tummy! Finally home, and watch the Olympics, USA did so great! The gilrs made it to Gold and Silver medal for gymnastics, awesome! While we're watching got a call from a friend, and the chikahan started. While I'm in the phone, hubby decided to grab some hot fudge sundae in dairy queen... so I told my friend whose in the line that I better hang up.... just craving for an ice cream!
We made it to dairy queen, we're lucky they are still open. It's like 9:30 pm when we're heading there. We just want to grab one hot fudge sundae but the guy made a mistake for our order. Hubby just want it without peanuts, but the guy in dairy queen put some peanuts on it. So he said, just take that one and I'll give you another one. hek hek hek hek! It is too much for us, having one each cause it's too sweet but yummy!
A very nice night, nighty night my fwends... think its gonna rain tonight, little bit chilly outside. It's like fall is coming.... I'm not ready yet for some snow....

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