Tuesday, August 26, 2008


Well, geeezzzz louis!!! I got a call from a friend yesterday, we're classmates in college. She finally make it to Florida. When she saw my friendster pictures, she called and told me that my figure right now is a lot different from before! she said I'm getting chubby-chubby! poor thing.... huhuhuhuhu
I told her nope! I'm not!!!! I didn't really notice that I'm gaining.... I told my hubby about my friends reaction, then he said you're not.... I am going to enroll Aerobics, wanna join me? It'll just be here in Westminster Recreation Center. Maybe this will be a great idea... doing some exercise!
My day is fine, stayed in the studio for whole day. I'll be bakc in there again working instead of thursday 'cause Tammy need my help tomorrow. We got a call from a Chiropractor, that he needs 150 cd's for his vaccination interviews.... oh my goodness! That's my job for tomorrow, burning 150 cd's....

pinay meh

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