Sunday, January 2, 2011

Scrub Clothing

As a nurse in a pediatric setting, you want your patient to think you’re child friendly to enable a feeling of trust in your patient without appearing threatening. The nurses were wearing a traditional nursing scrubs, street clothes, street clothes and a lab coat, or white pants with a colorful patterned smock top.

Aside from your basic uniform there are a number of items available that are sure to bring a smile to your small patients’ face. Animal stethoscope covers and name badges with cartoon figures are just a few items widely available that can help ease the relationship between a nurse and apprehensive child. Wearing scrub top with animals, cartoon characters or even festive patterns may help children feel at ease or even help ease communication.

If you work in pediatrics or in a mixed-patient setting your appearance can greatly affect the perceptions young patients form. White dress, solid scrubs, patterned smocks, lab coats and scrub clothing so many styles of nursing attire exist many of us simply rely on what’s most comfortable. However, studies indicate that children do have a preference for certain uniforms over others.

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