Thursday, January 13, 2011

Our trip to the outlet mall for the holidays

Over the Christmas holiday my family and I try to make an annual run to the local outlet mall. It seems like this year was even more eventful than the previous. Every Tuesday before Christmas my sister, niece, mother and grandma all meet at my house for cocoa. After we are finished with that I set my home security alarm from and we head for the van and pile in. This year we all decided to get our picture taken with my niece and santa himself. The best part about the picture taking was my niece sat on one leg and my eighty year old grandma sat on the other. My grandma even gave santa a big kiss and as we were leaving santas house she smacked the elf on the rear. This tryst by grandma nearly brought down the house. I don't think my sister, mom and me have laughed that hard ever. The elf didn't even seem to mind the little pat of encouragement as he just laughed it off and went on his merry little way. Here we are another Christmas upon us and another fond memory to always remember in years to come.

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