Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Planning ahead

Don’t wait until the last minute, consult with your local automotive supply, and make certain you both try the tire chains on before departure and that the fit of the chains is correct. Also, if the car is front wheel drive the chains go on the front tires and on the back for rear drive. Rough weather makes driving dangerous. Snow, sleet, ice and steep road grades all make for loss of control while driving. To counter this you will need to use tire chains. Additionally, many mountain areas will require chains before your able to continue down the road. Rule number one: plan ahead.

Link tire chains are just that: links of chain. The most common of the three, these chains are often bulky. Diamond chains are so named for the pattern they form across the tread. Their advantage lies in more chain touching the tread thus giving more traction. Cable tire chains are small bars of metal that sit horizontally across the tread. Cable chains are less bulky and easier to attach generally. Tighten the tire chains as much as possible by hand for maximum life. The tighter the chains, the longer they will last. Stop and adjust the chains as needed to keep a tight to snug fit throughout use.

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