Saturday, February 21, 2009

spicy pickle!

This is one of our fave panini store in town, we love their "bandido" a spicy panini. We have it for our lunch today, its really good! Our nose and tounge is burning because of the spicyness, but we're loving it. I did some laundry today, beddings and bedsheets. Instead of bringing the huge bedsheets in laundry store, I just wash it with my feet in the bath tub. It's fun, and we save a lot of bucks! Now, I'm just sitting down, updating my blogging world.... a break they said.... My hubby is cleaning the bakcyard, sweeping and picking some abbey's poop... Its so nice outside! The Crompton's invited me to go with them in mountain side for a little road trip, but I refused to... have my honey at home and we're doing some chores inside and outside the house. We can't wait to get our new couch.... some part of it is already in the store and the other is still on the road. You have a great weekend my fwends.. enjoy the weather! Weird right? lastnight it's been snowing and now?! whew!!!! so nice out.... we might go for a walk later.

pinay meh

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