Sunday, February 8, 2009

Nice Sunday

Lastnight, we watch "The Lucky One" movie. It's a good one, you better check it out. It's a story of an army, they are allowed to take a vacation for 30 days and one of them don't wanna go back. But when he gets home, his wife want a dvorce so bad. She said she's used to be alone and wanna be alone. He was not home for 2 years, so then his wife has moved on and just happy without him. So sad huh?! His son needs money for his schooling and the Dad don't have enough money for that, he then decided to go back to army world and get $20,ooo.oo loan. He did it for his son.
We are still wide awake after the movie, we decided to watch free movies on demand. The Generals Daughter just started, we watched it till 2am whew! I love it if my hubby dont have early session on weekends so we can stay in bed late and snuggled a lot. How was you Sunday so far my fwends? Hope it's GREAT too... smile.... an everlasting smile!

pinay meh

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