Sunday, February 15, 2009

Dotsero in Jazz @ Jacks!

We spend our Valentines night in Jazz @ Jacks with my sis-in-law and her fiance. We all had great time, loving the jazz music and so with my Mama.... The place is cool and most member of the Dotsero band are my hubby's friends. Everytime they take a break they always ask my hubby if we are doing great! From the sax, drummer, base and electric guitar to the pianist.. oh my GOD! you'll gotta love it... The sax player is awesome.... you'll really know by looking at him that his enjoying the music they have... they all do! Larry Thompson is the drummer, one of my hubby's fave drummer in town. I met this guy twice now, once in our studio party last year, a good man! The pianist is one of the engineer in the studio, he is the Mastering Engineer. The base ang guitar player have been in the studio too.... hubby had a session on them before. Me and my hubby really enjoyed the night, as in! We got home almost 1:00 in the morning. The drinks? well, I have 3 glasses of Margarita and my hubby had 2. Love this drink too.... I told my hubby, that he's in trouble.. hek hek hek hek! Gotta go now, we have a baby shower party to attend at 2pm. You have agreat Sunday my fwends!

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