Thursday, February 26, 2009

Have a good one!

Good Morning to All! How's your morning? Hope all is well... Me and my hubby got up late this morning. We got home late last night though, we've been in downtown Denver watching some band rocking at Jazz @ Jacks. It is really cool, they are not that heavy rock. Good band, great singers! We did enjoyed the night... Our office manager in the studio and her husband invited us to hang out. Had a wonderful dinner at Hard Rock Cafe down by 16th street mall. I had 2 glasses of margarita lastnight which makes my eyes blurry lol, but I love it! I was surprised because I am not really a good drinker or lets just say picky... I'd like to have baileys and now margarita too! It just nice to have a drink once in a while. Hope your day will run smooth.....

pinay meh

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