Saturday, February 28, 2009

have a cup of jo!

Good morning everyone! Having my cuf of coffee while listening to "Seal" music.... I just love it! I sleep really good lastnight because I got tired from my jazzercise. My hubby said he didn't sleep good, well because Abbey was in bed twice. lol! And then while I'm sleeping, I smack my hubby on his face hahahahahhaha! I didn't mean it, its just happen while I'm sleeping good. The he said, oh man.. you smack me on ym face! hahahahahha I told him, sorry honey... then I go back to sleep... zzzzZZZzzzz! When I get up this morning, my hubby told me what happen while we're in bed. We're just laughing, now he's in the studio... maybe we will have our lunch together, not sure yet! I've heard it'll snow light later today, brrrRRrrrrrrr! Then it'll warm up tomorrow and the rest of the weekend. Have a good friday everyone!

pinay meh

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