Thursday, January 15, 2009

We had a great day!

A great day for me and my hubby, haaaaaaaayyyyy prayer is so powerful. We had a great day beacause we finally made it to my greencard. Hayyyyy thank GOD! We're done with this paper works for 2 years. So now, we can take vacation in Pinas anytime. But we plan to go visit my fam 2 years from now. I'm not sure if I can still handle that after 2 years thingy.. I am so eager to go home and have fun with my family and friends. Well, plane tickets is not that easy tho... After our interview in USCIS in downtown Denver, we go to Sweet Tomatoes for lunch. Its so funny, my hubby look at me and said, so we made it to your greencard, will you eat salad now? hahahahhaha so then I told him.. lets go to Sweet Tomatoes the... lOl that's were we landed... Tomorrow night, we have a dinner for celebration. My hubby had a session late tonight... How's your day my fwends? Anything good?!
Thank you LORD, Mama Mary, Inahan sa Kanunay nga Panabang, Mother Cabrini and specially to Sr. St. Nino for the blessing we received.

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