Saturday, January 31, 2009

Our first bowling

Its Saturday, glad my hubby dont have a session this weekend. We got up late today, that's our routine if its weekend specially if he don't have a session. We have eggs and bacon for late breakfast, cup of jo for me and orange juice for my one and only honey. We plan to go for a little road trip, but we decided to go walking so we can bring Abbey too, she needs to get out of the house. Well, after our walk, we talk about going to Mother Cabrini Shrine and go walk on their 100 steps stairs?(not sure tho).. we grab some lunch first, then it's kind a late to go up to the mountains, the plan was cancelled. We just go to Brunswick Zone and try to do bowling. We really had so much fun, it is my first time, yes it is! I can't afford to go bowling when I'm still in Pinas. So then, my hubby said its not bad for a first timer. I did 3 strikes hahahah just three out of thirty games. My hubby got a strike lots, he's good in it. I remember when some of my friends did the bowling too, it is really fun! We might do it again, but if we will go about 9pm till midnight? Its a good deal...

Tomorrow, we will go hear mass at Mother Cabrini Shrine at eleven am. The Crompton's will be there too.... I can't wait to take Cindy to their grotto, for sure she'll gonna love it! Right now, I am chatting with my relatives in Pinas. They are all in my Aunts House, a Family gathering and at the same time they are chatting with me online. They all tease me about my voice and my new face/body. They all said I gain weight oh oh.. I'm in trouble..... hehehhehe well anyway, We just love to hear mass in that place.. it is so solemn and awesome. You have a great night my fwends, and have a Blessed Sunday.... Superbowl tomorrow too! We'll gonna watch it, even Broncos didn't make it.

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