Sunday, January 11, 2009

Happy Tummy!

Me and my other girlfriends had a very happy tummy! Yes we do!.... Angie and Zima planned to go visit Alleth and her baby girl named "Madei", she is so adorable.... buyag lang! Then we go to Ciny's abode to have dinner and she prepared yummy food as always. We had tinolang manok, fried bangus, dried fish, ginataang nangka, paksiw na bangus and rice of course! For dessert, we had ice cream... mmmmm yummy yummy yummy.... Thanks Angie and Zima for picking me up and to Cindy for the yummy food.... Till next time hek hek hek hek Have a goodnight my fwends!
Now, just hanging out... waiting for my hubby to come home... he had a session till 10 tonight but they extended the time for an hour.... Missing my honey... walay char ha! lOl

pinay meh

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