Friday, September 11, 2009

New Address Labels

Rubber stamps are so versitle and portable that many customers can benefit from both. There are a variety of rubber stamp types that can be personalized for personal use or business use. Self Inking rubber stamps are the most popular and are available in a wide variety of sizes and ink colors. Pre Inkes rubber stamps are more commonly used in business mostly because of their abliity to evenly stamp larger print to the stamping surface. They are available in many of the same sizes as self inking stamps, but are also available in much larger sizes of return address labels. They offer rubber stamps in several brands, sizes and ink colors and best of all, they are shipped fast and backed by our world famous 100% Money Back Guarantee. Address labels are easy to use and should be fun. Our new monogram labels really add fun and class to an otherwise plain address label. We will be offering at least 4 custom fonts that dress up the labels and we know you will love them.

pinay meh

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