Tuesday, September 15, 2009


An in-depth knowledge of tabletop products will make registering for your gifts easier and will allow you to make better choices. Based on your lifestyle, level of formality and amount of entertaining, you will be able to register for the products that are best for you. Corelle kitchen dinnerware dishes are all this and more. Made entirely from plant fibers the dishes take on the color of their natural materials which consist of plant cellulose, rice hulls and coconut fibers. The dishware is light weight, has a nice gloss finish and is dishwasher safe. What is truly unique about these eco-friendly dishes, is that the dishware is made to last for about 4 to 5 years. Hand washing instead of sending them through the dishwasher will extend their life. When you are done with them and are ready for a change, you can break them apart and put them in your composter. No guilt, no waste, no worries.Like dining in the midst of a beautifully fragrant herb garden, the Thymeless Herbs collection soothes and inspires. The stylishly placed sprigs of fresh herbs, encircled by graceful script, provides an elegant backdrop for everyday as well as special occasion dining. Corelle.com of dinnerware with patterns that have been picked from the most enduring trends in home décor. The Impressions line embodies both timeless tradition and updated trends. The fresh new styles are inspired by current fashion designs and will quickly add elegance to your dining experience. The sophisticated pattern assortment and classic looks will compliment your décor and enhance every table setting of Corelle.

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