Monday, September 7, 2009

Bedroom Furniture

The European bedroom set that's used for a variety of purposes needs to have layered lighting to provide light for specific areas that doesn't overlap. Layered lighting may require wiring on separate circuits. A study area lighting switch should be separate from indirect lighting that highlights featured art. Task lighting is a major consideration if reading is a common activity in the bedroom. Swing arm wall lamps are a good choice, especially if one partner doesn't share in your love of reading in bed. The swivel arm on the lamp allows you to focus the light where you need it. The light should be positioned behind the reader. This will eliminate shadows and glare in your partners face. Each lamp should have separate power switches and dimmers. This way one lamp can be turned on while the other remains dark or dimmed. Many people choose to have a ceiling fan with or without lights in the bedroom. These are great for adjusting the temperature in the bedroom and providing a romantic feel. Make sure there is a dimmer control for a lighted ceiling fan. Bedroom lighting should be soft and provide ambiance while promoting relaxation. Whether you choose to use swing arm wall lamps, sconces or table lamps, all lighting should be controlled with a dimmer switch. With careful planning in your lighting needs, your bedroom can provide you with just the right amount of comfort.

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