Wednesday, September 2, 2009

The car connection

The car connection offers headline feeds and a short one-line description of the article in the body of the feed. Advertisements are presented as a standalone item in the feed. formats their feeds to drive people to the kia soul, but also markets within the feed, to reach those consumers who stay in the aggregator, and monetize their content at the feed level. The Chrysler takes a hybrid approach to their feeds by using it as both a way to drive more traffic to their site and as a monetization tool. It's no secret that online advertising is on the rise, and that marketers are looking for new mediums to tap to reach new audiences. Online publishers focused on producing automotive-related content are seeing some of the fastest growth with inventory at sites such as almost sold out for all of next year. New chevrolet social mediums such as RSS, blogs present a new medium for these advertisers looking to expand their advertising reach. And from the data presented above, it appears we will start to see marketers spending more and more in these areas. A key aspect of feed reader preference that marketers and publishers should consider is the format in which each reader presents feeds each audi reader presents feeds slightly differently, impacting how publishers and marketers should format their content. Overall, our findings in the automotive channel were pretty surprising and a marked departure from past reports, showing that each content category impacts.They measure satisfaction and performance levels in areas such as price, value, quality, service, innovativeness, and responsiveness as well as the company’s ability to meet customer expectations and needs. Furthermore, they may include the input of several people at the customer organization. For example, a government contractor needs to know not only the opinions and perceptions of its daily points of contact at the agency, but also senior officers who would approve or disapprove the contract renewal.

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