Saturday, March 28, 2009

It's a fun weekend!

Since mister sunny is showing up, it melted all the snow! We didn't make it to our sledding... bummer! I got up early this morning and had some hazel nut flavored coffee with cream and a slice of my home made banana cake. We were watching the planet green channel, my honey's fave. It's awesome to know that you can re-build your house as a green house.. which means nature friendly. There's a show called "living with ed" that give us a lot of idea on how to recycle/re-use those things that we don't want to. Lots of lessons to learn! Wel... back to our fun weekend, we just go back home and stayed at our backyard and build a snowman woooooo! It turns out good... My hubby lovey will make us "goulash" for dinner... yummy yummy! What will you have for dinner? Hope it's gonna be good too!

pinay meh

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