Friday, March 20, 2009

First day of Spring!

Yehey! finally.. today is the first day of Spring, too bad its snowing in New York. I hope it'll snow here in Denver too, the lake is too low right now.. so sad! And me and my hubby have plans if the snow will come, we will go sledding at Westminster's Recreational Center wohohohoho! We actually made a bet, I told him I think it will not snow again. So what we did is made a bet, if it'll snow.. I'll be pooper spooker, rain or snow! But, if not?! He will be the one who'll fix the bed for a week hahahahahha! finger crossed...... I cleaned up the house today, vacuumed, cleaned up the wood floor. Now, I am baking banana bread.... hope it'll turn out really good!

pinay meh

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